Vital funds raised as members pot with PLOTT

20 May 2022

Chamber members rallied behind brand and web agency PLOTT Creative’s bid to raise funds in support of a past Sutton Coldfield Chamber president whose husband was diagnosed with a life-changing condition.

Members of the Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce were among those to take part in PLOTT’s Pool Challenge to support honorary chair and past president Katie Hale.

Last year, Katie’s husband Terry was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

The diagnosis has led to some major – and costly - life changes for Terry, Katie and daughter Charlotte.

Katie is a lifelong friend of PLOTT, so the agency decided to host the challenge to show their support.

PLOTT were delighted by the support from Chamber members.

The Pool Challenge helped hit an overall fundraising target of £5,000 to support the Hale family.

Participants were required to pot all of the balls on the pool table at PLOTT’s office in the fastest time possible.

Chamber president Phil Arkinstall, David Hemming from Burley Browne and photographer Kate Hollingsworth were among those to take part, along with head of the Sutton Chamber, Chris Brewerton, and Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce’s Press & PR manager Dan Harrison.

The overall winner was personal trainer Rob Whalley, the husband of Chamber vice-president Clare Whalley.

PLOTT managing director Anna Plotnek said: “We were delighted to help Katie, Terry and Charlotte and were overwhelmed by the support from the local business community.

“It’s been a fun way to achieve something serious, and it’s amazing that we’ve smashed the target.

“Hitting a target is one thing, helping a friend is something else. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Katie Hale said: “We are taking things a day at a time and feel so lucky to have the support of so many friends. The PLOTT pool challenge has been a great event.”

Pictured: Rob Whalley and Katie Hale

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