All set for the launch of Birmingham Rocks

23 September 2022

Birmingham Rocks musical evenings are scheduled to launch on Sunday 2 October - with many bands attending.

The music will have a variety of features including Rock and Roll, Ska and Cajun music and is set to take place at Velvet Music Rooms, 200 Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1SU

Hard Graft, a group of talented young musicians playing the best of classic rock, blues and funk genre will perform in the opening night with the occasional variety of  indie and alternative numbers.

The Frenzies are schedules to play on 9 October while The Upsiders will take the stage the following week. Having met at university, The Upsiders are not bound by any musical style or genre. Rather, their versatility knows no bounds with songs in the style of funk, disco and pop.

The Quiet Men will perform on 23 October with Colin Browne on keyboards and vocals, Roy Adams on drums, and Dan Machin on guitar. Known to be three of the region’s most accomplished musicians, the performance will feature in jazz, blues and country with impeccable technique.

Upcoming singer and songwriter Sean Duggan (pictured) will perform on 30 October. After playing his  first gig in a crowded pub at the age of 14, he has carried on the same way. With a full, mainly local date sheet, Sean commands an enthusiastic following.

For more information, contact Jim Simpson on 0121 454 7020 or email

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