Birmingham charity awarded Google ad grant

29 September 2022

St Martin’s Counselling & Psychotherapy, a Birmingham-based charity with a mission to make professional counselling and psychotherapy accessible, has been awarded the Google for Nonprofits Ad Grant to help push forward its cause.

Google ad grants provide qualifying nonprofits access to £7,000 per month in search ads shown on and have driven fundraising and marketing efforts for national charities including Samaritans, We Care Animal Rescue and

For over 20 years St. Martin’s Counselling & Psychotherapy has worked to remove the barriers that prevent people from accessing therapy, offering over 20,000 counselling and psychotherapy sessions a year throughout the west midlands.

Suzanne Lloyd, the service manager of St. Martin’s, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to re-evaluate how we tackle the epidemic levels of the mental health issues presenting challenges in our country."

“This grant marks an important milestone in our use of marketing, giving us a new strategy to connect to people that are struggling and don’t know where else to turn

Keenan Ennis, marketing manager of St. Martin’s, added: “Google’s funding gives local charities like ours the opportunity to communicate in an exceedingly competitive digital space that sees billions of advertising spent every year.

“Ultimately, we hope the Google ad grant will help us amplify our message and connect people to the proper support.”

To learn more about St. Martin’s counselling and Psychotherapy and their cause, visit

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