Online cybersecurity webinar to offer free dark web scan

25 January 2023

Kalamazoo IT, a nationwide IT service provider, is launching a free webinar tomorrow focusing on cybersecurity risks and your options to combat them.

The free online webinar is due to start at 11 am and will be joined by special guest speaker Natalie Suarez, principal solutions advisor at Connectwise. Natalie was formerly director of the Connectwise Cybersecurity Task Force and is a top US-based cybersecurity expert.

The 45-minute presentation will develop the understanding of the value in mitigating cyber security risks and illustrate the potential for lost revenue as a result of inadequate cybersecurity.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to benefit from a dark web scan, enabling to identify if any sensitive user information such as system-critical login details, have been maliciously acquired and are available on dark web databases.

Three foundational pillars of cybersecurity will also be discussed – people, processes, and technology. These will help businesses to identify the next best steps to reduce risks through a complementary cyber security risk assessment.

Nigel Dunn (pictured), managing director of Kalamazoo IT said: “If you are running a business, you are a target for cyber criminals. 85 per cent of small businesses could not survive an attack. Join our free webinar to know more about cybersecurity and have a free cyber analysis and dark web scan.”

Register now to secure your space for what will be a popular, highly informative session.

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