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At Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce we pride ourselves on offering our members the very best service and opportunities to Connect, Support and Grow.

In our ever-changing economical environment the Chamber strives to be a source of continuity to the business community, working with organisations to build a stronger future for our region.

So if you know of any businesses who would benefit from joining our membership scheme and are happy for you to share their details with us, fill out the referral form below and we’ll get in touch, yes it’s that easy.

And best of all if they decide to come on board we will then offer you Chamber credit towards vouchers, advertising and sponsorship! Or if you’d prefer, you can earn high street shopping vouchers for any successful referrals!

Option One: Refer a member and earn Chamber advertising credit

That's right, a great opportunity to get your brand out there with free credit. See below for more information.

Refer a Future Faces or Start-up Membership = £25 credit

Refer a Standard Membership = £50 credit

Refer a Premier Membership = £100 credit

Refer a 1813 Membership = £250 credit

Refer a local Patronage (division) = £300 credit

Refer a Birmingham Patronage = £350 credit

Option Two: Refer a member and earn shopping vouchers to spend with hundreds of high street brands!

Refer a Future Faces or Start-up Membership = £25 voucher

Refer a Standard Membership = £50 voucher

Refer a Premier Membership = £100 voucher

Refer a 1813 Membership = £250 voucher

Refer a local Patronage (division) = £300 voucher

Refer a Birmingham Patronage = £350 voucher

So what are you waiting for? - Help us support more businesses today and shape a better future for Greater Birmingham!

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