Future in Technology

What is Future in Technology?

The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce’s Future in Technology campaign aims to support local businesses in maximising opportunities related to technological development and digital access.

75% of firms across the country have adopted digital technologies and 55% new digital capabilities since March 2020. Over 70% of firms who adopted new technologies say that these have improved business resilience, and over 40% say that the adoption of new technologies has improved their profitability. (Centre for Economic Performance).

Technological innovation and digital adoption continue to present key growth opportunities for businesses in Greater Birmingham.

Future in Technology will take place between 19th – 29th July 2022, kicking off on 19th July with the Chamber’s Quarterly Business Report Briefing for Q2 2022. Throughout the campaign, the GBCC will share briefing papers, blogs and Q&As with experts on ways in which local firms of all sectors and sizes can unlock new opportunities, increase business resilience and grow through the adoption of new technologies and improved digital skills.

Unlock new Opportunities:

Digital Resilience

This event will review the latest results of the GBCC’s Quarterly Business Report and explore the role that technology currently has in the Greater Birmingham economy. It will also explore ideas around the future potential of technology to help the area innovate, diversify and grow.

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What is the Government’s Digital Strategy? What does it mean for your business?

View Digital Strategy Briefing

Deborah Leary, President of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and Philip Bindley, Managing Director - Cloud and Security at Intercity Technology Ltd discuss the business-critical issue of cyber security, and how local businesses can take steps to protect themselves and minimise digital vulnerabilities.

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What investment has been made into digital infrastructure in the Greater Birmingham region? What opportunities could this present for your business?

View Digital Infrastructure Briefing

Upskilling Your Workforce

What support is available for businesses looking to invest in the digital capabilities of their workforce?

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What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)? How could a KTP benefit your business?

View Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Emily Stubbs, Senior Policy and Projects Manager at the Chambers and Dr Alina Patelli, Lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University discuss the potential local businesses can unlock through investment in digital skills, and the mechanisms available to support upskilling your workforce.

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