07 Mar 2023

Be An Ally For Women In The Workplace


As a man I will never experience the challenges women face in the working world, and that's because I'm a man. However, that doesn't mean I can't use my privilege to support women in being treated equally, equitably, and respectfully in the workplace, writes Kasim Choudhry…

Instead of being the problem men need to be the solution, by recognising the issue, and acting to make meaningful change through their actions and behaviours. By being an ally you can help build trust, improve equality and create a better sense of belonging for females.

What Can You Do?

Listen - Everyone has a story and it's important you listen to these stories and understand the challenges individuals have faced because of their gender. Put yourself in that individual's shoes and think what it would be like if you were a female in that position.

Learn - Go and find out more, educate yourself on the different types of challenges they face. Understand the nuances that can exist with females from different ethnic backgrounds. Don't think you know it all.

Show Your Support - Be active in supporting women in the workplace, offer support and be vocal about it. Get involved in International Women's Day events, programmes supporting women empowerment or any other activity that can help women in the workplace.

Stand Up & Speak Up - If you see bad practice, or a woman/women being mistreated, call it out. Don't be afraid to challenge people who are being unfair and discriminatory towards women. Your intervention could make a massive impact and be a catalyst for change.