11 Jul 2024

Beyond borders: Bridging continents

A simple story of supporting businesses in Australia from Cannock!


Written by Neil Betts

I've been off the UK radar for a while, caught up in two major life events that turned my world upside down. Firstly, a total knee replacement—trust me, there's a riveting story of process improvement there!

Secondly, our family made a life-changing decision to pack our bags and head back to our roots, from the sunny shores of Australia to the familiar embrace of our homeland, the UK. 🌍 Let me share this rollercoaster journey of transformation and the excitement of what lies ahead!

From a business perspective, the initial hurdle for Go True North was to work out how to honour our existing commitments and contracts in Australia. How could we find that sweet spot - keeping our customer experience intact and whilst meeting our clients expectations. Having cultivated strong relationships with our clients over the years, we counted ourselves fortunate. They trusted that if we could find efficient ways to work and deliver the desired outcomes, we could continue to provide them significant value.

However, even with the world at our fingertips and geography no longer an issue for businesses, let's not forget the importance of a straightforward and efficient engagement process, right?


Anticipating the digital shift: Pioneering flexibility in business foundations

A decade back, Chris Allford and I laid the foundations of our business using Lean principles, designing systems that could flexibly operate from any location and device.

Little did we know, this was well before the digital revolution reshaped how businesses function and communicate.

Thanks to the advent of fibre-optic networks, lightning-fast internet, cloud computing, and an array of collaboration tools, we've now got the freedom to work and support clients from practically anywhere. Our forward-thinking approach to systems a decade ago has set us up to venture into new opportunities while staying true to our professional responsibilities.


The decision to transition: From down under to the UK

Whilst this decision was fuelled by many personal reasons, it also presented opportunities and a desire for new experiences. While the transition seemed daunting, the possibility of continuing to support clients from afar made it an achievable venture.


Leveraging our project management solutions: The key to success

In today's work landscape, particularly since those Covid days, remote work solutions are a must-have for professionals like myself. These tools cover everything from communication to collaboration and project management, essentially making geographical distance a non-issue.

During my transition from Australia to the UK, tapping into these remote work solutions has been a game-changer. Utilising platforms like MS Teams, our project management hub, and secure communication apps, I've seamlessly bridged the physical gap and continued providing uninterrupted support for our clients, no matter the time zone.


Time zone flexibility: A win-win for both sides

Believe it or not, I've become an early bird—just ask my wife, it's a whole new world for me!

But this newfound 'morning person' status has its perks, all thanks to the Australia-UK time zone difference.

As the Aussies wind down their workday, we Brits are just getting our coffee buzz on, creating this magical overlap for fantastic collaboration. It's like our time zones are finally playing nice and giving us the perfect meeting time! This time zone advantage enables me to cater to clients across continents without any productivity trade-offs, just a 4 to 6 am start!


Building stronger client relationships: The remote approach

Contrary to conventional belief, I have discovered that remote work can foster stronger client relationships.

Regular video calls, timely updates, and transparent communication have contributed to building trust and rapport. "We've been calling it a miracle! Work talks happened in the late afternoon, and the very next morning—hey presto! Everything's prepared and good to roll."

I have discovered that the dedication to providing exceptional service from a distance showcases commitment and professionalism, further solidifying the client-professional relationship.


Embracing the multicultural experience: A global perspective

My shift from Australia back to the UK has done more than just broaden my professional network by connecting me with fellow lean professionals. It's been a personal journey too.

Experiencing diverse cultures, work styles, and market dynamics has indeed boosted my adaptability and global outlook. This broader worldview has a direct positive impact on the service quality I deliver to clients from various backgrounds.


The future of globalised work: Endless possibilities

With technology advancing at lightning speed and remote work becoming the new standard, the future of globalised work is nothing short of promising. It's an exciting era where professionals can grab opportunities, venture into uncharted territories, and nurture solid client relationships across borders

My personal journey of moving from Australia back to the UK while continuing to support clients remotely showcases the immense potential of today's modern professional. With determination, adaptability, and the right set of digital tools, the possibilities are endless in our interconnected world.

And, of course, a big shoutout to our incredible clients for their trust and for being a part of this amazing journey with me!"