05 Feb 2021

Breathing life back into the office post Covid-19

Risk Management Specialist at Health and Safety Secure

How are you today?
is there anything affecting your focus?
Do you need any support?
Are you facing any challenges?
Would team-building time be useful?
How does your work environment make you feel?
Would you like to collaborate on a project together?

Why am I asking you these questions!
Are these the questions you might be asking your employees and contractors?

As talks progress on zoom, teams, and webinars around the subject of how to re-integrate the workforce it may not be only Covid-19 security documents being considered, there is a crossover of Employment Law / Health and safety Law considerations that need to be looked at.

Risk Management isn't only about the traditional health safety and workplace well-being concerns in this current landscape, it should also include the psycho-social risks, but not only for your employees.

Think about how recent situations, and circumstances have affected you - what have you had to do differently? Are your contractors / suppliers / customers / buyers expectations different to what they used to be? - can you survive without any adaptations or revisions?

The Risk assessments and H&S policy documents form the backbone of company safety culture envisioned when you first sat down with your Risk Management advisor and made the arrangements for working safely.

Now is the time to review those documents - are they still relevant now, will they be relevant in 6 months? How will expansion affect the way you work? What are the hidden triggers in the workplace that could have an adverse effect on your workforce?

Are your expectations of the workforce realistic?

The value and worth of Occupational Safety and Risk Management professional advisors can now be demonstrated.
Collaborating with you at every level of seniority or hierarchy throughout your organisation influences and creates positive safety culture - making your company Health and Safety Secure, winning you more work.

I am a new member of the Chamber, available via telephone or email and also welcome connections via Linkedin - DM me I'm happy to help.

Christopher Wrapson Tech IOSH
T/A Health & Safety Secure
Risk Management Consultant