10 Jul 2024

Chamber members join forces to host AI webinar

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Members of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce have joined forces to launch a free webinar focused on AI in the workplace.

The webinar, happening on Monday 22 July from 11 am to 12 pm is organised by Chamber member CAPE Coaching & Development.

The last year has marked an extraordinary leap in the accessibility and sophistication of AI tools, transforming how we work. CAPE Coaching & Development’s webinar will help managers navigate this fast-evolving landscape.

It also features Chris Golby, CEO of fellow Chamber member Lumien as a guest speaker alongside James Cole, founder and CEO of Panache Cruises.

Chris is a visionary in people data and culture analytics and collaborates with Panache Cruises and other progressive organisations to make culture a strategic and actionable pillar of high growth.

He said "AI is a transformative tool that enables us to extract actionable insights from vast datasets. With a human-centric approach, AI augments our decision-making, driving innovation and productivity while fostering a valued and engaged workforce."

James Cole has seamlessly integrated AI into the company’s operations, prioritising people and enhancing customer experiences.

James said: "AI is incredibly powerful, but its implementation is crucial.

“Using AI to augment, not replace, customer service can lead to higher sales and profits,"

His insights will shed light on how AI has been instrumental in Panache Cruises' impressive growth.

The event will be hosted by Lynsey Kitching, co-founder and director of CAPE Coaching & Development.

Join the webinar to learn how to integrate AI strategically, discover practical tips to enhance the impact as a manager and become more effective, confident, and innovative.

Click here to register.

Pictured from left to right: Lynsey Kitching, Chris Goldby, and James Cole

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