03 Apr 2024

Filmmaker scoops prize for retro gaming documentary

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A Staffordshire University student has won critical acclaim for a documentary about the retro gaming revolution.

Kyle Adams’ film Retro Revolution - The Game isn't Over was awarded the ‘Best Short Documentary’ prize at the Northampton Film Festival held this weekend.

The BA (Hons) Film Production student was shortlisted in his hometown’s event among new and established filmmakers from across the country. This year the awards evening was held at Northampton Cineworld with all the winning films being screened on the super screen.

Kyle’s documentary explores classic arcade games produced in the 1970s, 80s and 90s and the people who are preserving these games for a new generation to enjoy.

Speaking about the award, Kyle said: "Winning the award for Best Short Documentary at Northampton Film Festival for a short documentary I directed, produced and edited was incredible.

“It was great to be back in my hometown of Northampton to celebrate films being produced across the country but especially films being made in the midlands. Seeing a film that I worked on being screened at the cinema that I went to growing up was pretty surreal.”

“After the golden days of the arcades, many of these games were thought to be obsolete and were discarded. However, there are people restoring these classic game machines, from Pac-man to Galaga.

“This film was one of my passion projects and I’d been looking to make it for a good while but just needed to find the right time. Luckily last year all the pieces fell into place to make it happen. A lot of hard work went into the making of the film and I learnt a lot from the experience.”

“Making films is a collaborative process so thanks go to everyone who contributed and worked on this film. Special thanks also go to all of the lecturers and technical specialists at Staffordshire University for their consistent support.”

Colin Mottram, Course Leader, BA (Hons) film production, said: “It’s fantastic to see Kyle’s second year documentary project scoop the Best Short Documentary at Northampton Film Festival.

“We support all of our students to distribute the short films created during the course. Students enter regional, national, and international film festivals and competitions, providing platforms beyond the University to showcase their talents in front of potential future employers and future creative collaborators.

“Kyle and the whole crew have worked very hard on this project and I’m proud to see this recognised with the award.”

Pictured: Winning students Mark Gill, Kyle Adam and Lewis Ray Barter

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