10 Jul 2024

Fleet managers warned of legal ‘potholes’ for drivers

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One of the country’s leading driver training providers has lined up with a fast-growing law specialist to help raise awareness of legal ‘potholes’ for fleet managers and their drivers.

PDT Fleet Training Solutions is working with LMP Legal to shine a spotlight on some of the lesser-known road infringements that could lead to drivers being taken off the road if they are not fully aware of the legal implications.

Traffic incidents, for instance, are unique situations where police officers can begin the interview process at the roadside rather than at a police station.

Having expert advice, available around the clock, on how to handle these situations  is vital for avoiding the legal potholes that can derail swift outcomes and result in both drivers and vehicles being kept off the road.

Samantha Leleu, director at PDT Fleet Training Solutions, which is part of the Pertemps Network Group, said: “Managing a fleet can be a rollercoaster, not just with the day-to-day challenges, but also keeping up with legislation and compliance issues.

“When incidents happen with drivers, the legal implications can be far-reaching. We have partnered with LMP Legal, the only legal practice currently offering this service, to offer additional support, helping to advise on potential potholes for fleet managers and the best way to manage issues.

“We are excited by this new venture and are looking forward to adding further value to our offering for organisations.”

Charlotte Le Maire, founder and director of LMP Legal, added: “We are thrilled to be partnering with PDT Fleet Training Solutions, a company renowned for its excellence in driver training and fleet management.

“Their comprehensive approach to training and dedication to enhancing road safety aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing best-in-class legal support.

“Together, we aim to equip fleet managers with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate legal challenges effectively, ensuring that both drivers and fleets operate smoothly and safely.

“The importance of having 24/7 legal roadside support cannot be overstated. A roadside interview can have serious consequences, including custodial sentences for drivers and significant fines, or worse, for companies, if any inadvertent admission of liability occurs.

“Immediate access to legal advice is vital in these situations, safeguarding drivers from unintentional self-incrimination and protecting companies from severe financial and reputational damage.”

PDT Fleet Training Solutions has its base in Gloucester but offers training solutions across the UK.


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