29 Apr 2022

How Coinadrink is helping its customers to effectively recycle their takeaway coffee cups


Coffee cup recycling, or lack of, has been an issue that has blighted our planet for far too long now.

Coinadrink Limited - the vending machine company - is driving change through our partnership with DS Smith.

DS Smith provides an all-inclusive service with its innovative coffee cup drop box. Coinadrink positions itself as the 'middle man' between DS Smith and our customers, promoting and pushing the coffee cup drop box as a brilliant solution to effectively recycle takeaway coffee cups.

The coffee cup drop box (pictured) is delivered to customers' premises before DS Smith return to collect it again once it has been filled with up to 700 used cups. They then transport it to their paper mill located in Kent, where they are all recycled into additional boxes.

For those who aren't aware, takeaway coffee cups have traditionally been one of our planets' worst nightmares. Despite seemingly being crafted from reusable materials, it is the polyethylene lining hidden inside that causes such a headache. It is this material that helps keep your beverage warm and your hands protected.

Such limited facilities available in the UK to successfully split the polyethylene mean the vast majority of our takeaway coffee cups cannot be recycled. Instead, they end up in landfill. Only one in 400 takeaway coffee cups are effectively recycled, equivalent to 0.25 per cent.

DS Smith's paper mill in Kent has already made a big difference. They have so far prevented over two-billion takeaway coffee cups from being discarded into landfill since they introduced the coffee cup drop box back in 2015.

Coinadrink is extremely enthusiastic about the work DS Smith carry out. For a few years now we have been using the coffee cup drop box on our own premises for our own staff to use and trial. We are delighted to now be able to push this service to our customers.

It couldn't be easier to jump on board and drive sustainable change. This all-inclusive service is handled by DS Smith from start to finish and we make it easy to connect to DS Smith through your Coinadrink vending machine and refreshment services.

We believe this is a big step forward. By coming together through our love of coffee and hot drinks, we can slowly repair our planet and make it fit for future generations.

Contact us if you want to learn more.