28 Mar 2024

How to check your business energy contract?

How to claim back hidden costs in energy contracts


According to an OFGEM investigation in 2019, seven in 10 UK companies have been unlawfully over-charged for Electricity or Gas.

Secret hidden commissions have been built into contracts arranged by many brokers and energy consultants. Where that was, and is, the case, there is a potential legal claim to recover costs.

In a high energy-consumption business a claim can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds; an estimated average is c.£60,000 per company.


How can you claim back these hidden commissions if you’ve been over-charged without your knowledge?

For an individual small or medium sized business, there is unlikely to be sufficient available time, or financial resource, to pursue a legal claim.

The potential legal claims are against the major energy suppliers – large companies that have the means to defend claims using highly-paid legal teams through long drawn-out proceedings.

The best way to make a legal claim and recover compensation for the business is to join a legal group action. This enables the business to join with hundreds, or thousands, of other businesses, creating a powerful, and cost-effective force.

The most efficient way to achieve this is to work with a litigation management company that has the experience, expertise and resources to create the group action. The company will bring together the potential claimants, arrange the required litigation funding and select a legal team made up of top-tier solicitors and barristers that is able to take on the lawyers of a large corporate entity.


How can you find out if you’ve been unlawfully overcharged?

RGL Management has created Business Energy Litigation (BELit), a legal group action where companies are joining together to pursue their legal claims. This group action will sue energy providers on behalf of the businesses that join.

The group action will be fully funded, so there is no upfront cost, and companies that join will be fully insured, so there is no risk; a team of specialist, expert solicitors and barristers will work on their behalf.

RGL’s reward comes only if and when the claim is successful, in the form of a transparent and reasonable percentage of the claim value.

If your company has contracted for energy through a broker at any time since 2012, register today at www.belit.co.uk to find out what your claim could be worth.

Click here to register your interest and for more details.