05 Mar 2021

I love to make life easy


A big part of what makes Millennium what it is today is our approach to customer service. We really do go above and beyond to make everything easy for our clients.

From finding the best routes and negotiating rates to giving advice on everything freight. As part of our relocation service, we explain to people how to package their stuff for smooth sailing.

Some people get it. They write a quick note explaining roughly what's in the box.

Dvds, books, picture frames… you get the gist?

But every now and then there's someone who doesn't quite understand what we're asking them to do.

Like Mary.

I've changed Mary's name for her anonymity - you'll understand why in a minute!

Mary was moving house overseas.

She was a nurse and she'd secured herself a new job over in Tunisia. Millennium was helping her to get relocated and ship all her worldly possessions over to her new home.

We explained to her how to package up her stuff securely and asked her to write a little note on the box explaining what sort of things were in there - to help avoid any hiccups in customs.

Turns out, Mary is a very literal woman.

When I said “write a note explaining what's in there” she interpreted that to mean “write a list of EVERYTHING that's in the box”

So that's what she did.

Every single item in every single box was listed.

1 x beige lamp and lampshade.
1 x photo frame with baby picture.
3 x brown leather coasters.

You get the idea?

She even had 100 DVDs in one box - and she'd written the name of every single one on the box!

Fairly funny as it is - I mean, this must have taken her bloody days to document!

But the best one was a box from the bedroom which listed some fairly standard stuff… as well 1 x pink skipping rope and a set of vaginal weights!

I mean, I take my hat off to her for her honesty. But can you imagine the poor woman's face when she realised that she didn't have to bare all to a bunch of freight forwarders?

Now, as you know, we're British.

We drink tea. We apologise for things that were not our fault and most of all… we do NOT engage in embarrassing conversations. We just pretend that nothing happened…

So that's what we did.

I pretended it was totally normal to list vaginal weights on your moving boxes...and she pretended she hadn't written anything awkward or embarrassing anyway.

Now, this isn't the only funny, embarrassing or awkward freight situation we've ever had - with over 25 years in the business, I've collected quite a few!

But I bet you have too? So what's your funniest or most embarrassing cargo conundrum? I'd love to hear about it…

Chadd Blunt
Millennium Cargo