09 Jul 2024

LISTEN: Why having a mentor is so important

FF Podcast - With Tony Elvin and Money Chopra.jpg

Young professionals can benefit hugely from either having a mentor or being a mentor themselves, and in episode 34 of Future Faces: The Young Professionals Podcast we hear just how much of an impact a mentor relationship can have on an individual.

Sophie talks to one of the successful matches from the Future Faces mentor scheme programme, general manager of Touchwood Solihull, Tony Elvin, and Money Chopra, cluster sales manager at Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin.

Tony and Money offer an insight into their mentor/mentee relationship, detailing how the mentor scheme has impacted both of them in their careers and personal lives.

Find out how Tony's advice and support has helped Money to achieve her goals and aspirations in the last six months.

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