16 May 2024

Mental wellness consultant scoops third award win

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A Solihull Chamber member has won her third award recently.

Asha Berzon (pictured), an award-winning Workplace Mental Wellness Consultant, has been announced as one of the Woman Who Awards 2024 winners.

Established in 2018, Asha experienced several mental health challenges in some years.  Asha left her 17-year career in the criminal justice because her employers didn't know how to support her in remaining at work. With a background in psychology, safeguarding, and working with survivors, Asha retrained as a therapist.  

Asha has worked with businesses across the UK and the globe, improving staff well-being.  An expert by experience and qualification, Asha has created several CPD-accredited training courses to help staff recognise the early signs of chronic stress and anxiety and strategies to increase resilience. As a trained facilitator and practitioner, Asha teaches techniques based on science and ‘what works', supporting staff to remain in work, productive, engaged and content. 

She also runs a busy clinic offering 121 therapy based at Birmingham Business Park.

Asha has impacted local businesses such as Ginger Energy and West Midlands Police. The judges commended Asha’s drive to reduce burnout and poor mental health for individuals and its impact on family and colleagues. 

Asha takes the time to understand the business and staffing trends, evidencing the impact of her training. Many businesses see mental health first aid and EAP schemes as the answer to staff wellbeing. Moving away from reactive support and silo online training, Asha encourages businesses to create space for staff to engage in (prevention) well-being initiatives helping to increase staff engagement, productivity, and inclusivity while reducing the stigma around mental health and retaining a happy workforce.

Asha said: "I was proud to be nominated, and winning was overwhelming. As a practitioner focused on other people's well-being, I see the difference I make, but I rarely review my broader journey.  I am thankful to the judges for seeing this."

Find out more about Asha and her work on her website.

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