07 Apr 2021

Not everyone is as passionate about containers as I am


I know it's a weird passion to have.

But I love to see all the cool things people can do when you give them a container…

In my previous blogs, I've talked about containers made into houses and people using them as garden offices too.

But I recently came across a whole other use…


With nightclubs and bars here in the UK closed since last March, we've a whole generation of young ‘uns desperate to get their groove on and live out their youth as is traditional here in the UK.

Unfortunately, we've got a bit of a booze culture. There's less of the “enjoy a glass of wine with your meal” associated with Europe and more of a “let's get hammered and wake up in a field” kind of approach.

It's the British way.

It's sad really. I enjoy a beer as much as the next person, but I do think sometimes our culture could learn a thing or two from our neighbours on the continent when it comes to booze.

That said, as it is now parties, binge drinking and raves are a way of life for the under 25s here. And this last year has taken that from them.

Many young people have taken it on the chin and settled in to wait out the pandemic. But there are a fair few who have ignored the rules and still found ways to rave the night away.

The police have broken up many parties during the lockdowns, with fines of between £200 - £10,000 for those attending or organising the party!

There's been parties in houses, in fields and in forests. Raves on farmland, in warehouses and - my personal favourite - a shipping container!

Now, I'm not in support of breaking the rules - but I do love to see what people can do with a container!

Reportedly the police were called to a location near London where they found more than 30 people partying the night away with a shipping container as centre stage!

The crowd was dispersed and the organiser fined £10k - a hefty price tag for a party. But it does make me wonder what people will come up with next?

Container swimming pools? Container classrooms? Container cafes? Who knows!

I guess that's the beauty of humans - and especially business owners. Our ability to see beyond the status quo and innovate…

It's that ability to innovate that will see you through the tough times - whether that's a pandemic, an economic downturn or just a rough run in your business.

So next time you're facing a problem, remember the container raves and try to think outside the box - you might be amazed at the solutions you can come up with when you try a little innovation…

Chadd Blunt
Millennium Cargo