13 Apr 2022

Put the fun back into business


The halo and the horn effect

Ever heard of the halo and the horn effect? It's the positive first impression that leads us to treat someone more favourably. This also works with clients coming into your office or place of work. What's the first impression they get? And let's think about you in this equation. How do you feel walking into your office each day? Is it an inspiring, creative space that is reflective of where you want your business to be (look and feel)?

A client of mine got me thinking about this recently, as she was irritated over (amongst a myriad of other annoyances) how she has to hide tea bags due to other offices within the building always stealing them and as a consequence; her office is constantly running out.

First impression for clients? Not good!

It's these little niggles, when piled up, that can lead to big stress, overwhelm and moreover feelings of constant dissatisfaction.

How much are we all ‘putting up with' on a daily, weekly basis? Each day we are faced with these minor annoyances, from the dripping tap in the bathroom or the car light that notifies you each time the engine whirrs into action, the job that needs attending to, through to the office door that doesn't quite shut and the dreary uninspired walls. (Which, by the way, your clients can see on your Zoom calls!)

This all leads to frustration and discontentment. Surely we have learned over the past two years to put as much joy into our lives and business as we possibly can, cos y'know when it's all taken away, what are we left with? That dripping tap that never got fixed and now can't!

So how can you impact this joy, fun feeling day-to-day? Let's find that inspired feeling we get from clearing out the stuffed draw full or tidying the stationery cupboard. Every day…

Create more joy and fun in the business

Start with your business. Write down all the things you put up with and then create a list on the other side titled ‘what I can control' or ‘what we can do to solve it?'

Rather than feeling disgruntled each time, the action will help you feel more in control and will pave the way for better to come.

“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” - Paulo Coelho

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