10 May 2024

Solicitor celebrates 10 years of quality accreditation


A partner of a law firm spanning 140 years is celebrating his 10th year of being accredited for the Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS).

Partner and head of Wills, Tax and Probate Department of Enoch Evans solicitors Richard Neea (pictured) celebrates this achievement which is a best practice quality mark for Wills and Estate Administration advice issued by the Law Society.

The Wills, Tax and Probate Department’s10th year of WIQS accreditation marks a decade of assessed excellence in providing Wills and Estate Administration advice to clients.

Enoch Evans Solicitors has been a member of the Law Society Will and Inheritance Quality Scheme for a decade and demonstrated through that time the ability to provide advice of the highest standard, while also ensuring the advice is presented to clients in a professional and sensitive way

Meanwhile, Enoch Evans Solicitors, with a legacy dating back to 1884, celebrates its 140th anniversary this year, showcasing a wealth of legal expertise.

Richard Neea, partner and head of Wills, Tax and Probate Department, expressed his pride in achieving this milestone alongside the firm’s impressive anniversary:

He said: “When WIQS was incepted in 2014 we were keen to prove that the advice we were already giving to our clients was to the highest standard. 

“We were delighted to be one of the first Solicitors Firm’s in the UK to receive the WIQS accreditation.

“I am now extremely proud that we have reached the 10th-year milestone and continue to be viewed by the Law Society as experts in Wills and Estate Administration. 

“It is great to have something to endorse the hard work that the Enoch Evans team puts in each day, to ensure that we give our clients the very best advice and service” 

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