16 Mar 2022

The best ways to update your office design


One of the biggest things that contributes to employee happiness and motivation is your office design. Whereas this used to be an afterthought, it could now make or break how easy your staff find it to remain motivated and productive.

A good office design is one that promotes comfort, communication, and wellness. With that said, here are some of the best ways to update your office design in line with fresh expectations from your employees in this post-Covid world:

  1. Perks that encourage time away from the desk

It's not particularly healthy to spend so long at our desks staring at a computer screen, but in the mound of responsibilities it can be easily done.

Encouraging your team to get up and stretch their legs is far easier when there is an incentive to do so. This could be something as simple as dotting a range of water coolers in corridors and reception areas, which in turn will also promote the benefits of staying hydrated at work.

There is a lot of talk now surrounding wellness initiatives in the workplace. A water cooler or dispenser is undoubtedly one, though encouraging time out is a simple yet valuable mindset to adopt.

  1. Breakout and recreational areas

If you have bigger plans to promote workplace wellness, then overhauling your office design with a breakout or recreational area is a fantastic idea.

Only recently did we develop a stunning breakout area for a local company, equipped with our Micro Market facility, a fresh bean coffee machine, a hydration station, comfy seating and so much more besides. This was developed on the back of staff demand, showing wellness initiatives must never be overlooked.

And sure enough, 30 per cent of staff from a recent survey agreed that a breakout area to socialise with their colleagues is an important part of any office design.

A breakout or recreational area is an environment that is pretty much exclusive to your staff. It can be designed and created with your tastes in mind, well-suited to any available space.

A coffee machine is a fantastic starting point, though talk to us to understand the potential of what is possible.

  1. Upgrade your boardroom or meeting room

It is not just the office itself that needs to be considered. If you regularly host team meetings, then it's wise to focus on this environment as part of your new office design.

The boardroom or meeting room is a very important environment. It is here that you need your team to be especially motivated and creative, though as we have established it can be very difficult if the surroundings don't encourage as much.

To encourage interaction and input, consider upgrading your furniture. Refreshments are also a great idea, such as a small office coffee machine that won't take up too much room.

  1. Consider your décor

Office décor can refer to a variety of aspects including lighting, furniture, and decoration. It can have a big impact on wellness and productivity, so you shouldn't downplay its importance.

Natural lighting has been shown to result in happier workers. It encourages greater satisfaction, which means employees are more likely to be happier at work in addition to being more productive.

You could also consider better seating and higher-quality desks, seeing as this is where they will spend the majority of their working day.