10 Oct 2022

The flourishment of the parking industry is inevitable


It didn't take much time for humankind to understand the indispensability of parking spaces as soon as the automobile came into existence. Moving from one place to another could never be as easy as it's now without vehicles. The present world is utterly dependent on various modes of transportation, including cars, trains, metros, aeroplanes, and so forth. Many of us use public transit on a daily basis, while some prefer using their personal vehicles for transportation.

If you take an observant look, you will not take much time to realise how many vehicles are on the roads of the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Wherever you go, you may see people struggling with parking as the vehicle count is rapidly growing on the roads while the number of parking garages is barely increasing. Nonetheless, the already existing parking lots aren't as efficient as they can be, causing a plethora of considerable parking-related problems.

Can parking issues be eradicated?

One of the foremost questions that would pop up in one's mind when pondering the present parking problems is whether they can be resolved or effaced permanently. Issues like parking violations & traffic congestion aren't new to us; they have been bothering motorists for a very long period. In fact, the parking issues seem to become awful with the passing of time. The emerging technology undeniably offers outstanding contributions to ameliorating the efficiency of parking garages and mitigating the impact of severe parking issues. However, it may be nonconventional to say whether the emerging technology or the latest strategies can efface the parking issues from the root. We can expect to see the world without parking problems, but it may take longer than we assume.

Why is that so? Even if we find an efficacious way to deal with all the vehicles on the road & develop sufficient parking spaces for them, the evolving technology will inevitably bring some sort of parking problems for us. We may witness more self-driving cars in the future, which will create a new challenge because conventional parking systems might not work for these vehicles. Nonetheless, we can never know what surprises the future has stored in its bag for us. We can only inquisitively wait with an optimistic belief, but it may be wrong if we expect to see no parking issues in the future.

The future of the parking industry

Almost everyone believes in the inevitability of the flourishment of the parking industry because we yet have a lot to witness. The innovative parking solutions offer us an opportunity to make parking lots fault-free and more organised. However, vehicle users are rapidly increasing and will continue to grow. Therefore, we will always need more parking spaces to leave our vehicles safely while we are shopping for something or going to the office. Emerging innovations in the parking industry will give entrepreneurs new opportunities for effective investments, which may add more value to the parking sector.

Moreover, the parking industry may become eco-friendly, efficient, and congestion-free in the future. Parking lots are already incorporating e-charging stations and other facilities for parkers to ameliorate their experience and provide one-stop solutions. Nonetheless, the growing demand for electric vehicles will also play a vital role in mitigating carbon footprint. And when the roads are full of self-driving cars, it will be a complete revolution in the parking industry.

While the parking industry is flourishing worldwide, I am confident that parking management companies will also grow and raise the bar for parking standards. These professionals work very closely with industry experts and take direction & advice from the Association Bodies such as the International Parking Committee and the DVLA. Together, we can drive this industry forward while learning from our experience and adapting our systems to supply solutions to meet emerging technologies such as Self-driving/parking vehicles. Although this is unchartered territory for many, we are prepared and confident. We can adapt or create new solutions.

There's a lot to come to flourish the parking industry, so we must hope for the best.