07 Sep 2021

The Perfect Storm


Over the last few months, things have been a bit odd here in the UK.

Across the country supermarket shelves have been emptier than ever before and we're now facing the cancellation of non-urgent blood tests due to a shortage of vials.

The pubs don't have their usual supply of bottled drinks, McDonalds ran out of milkshakes and Nandos had to close several restaurants because they ran out of chicken!

Imagine, a chicken restaurant without any chicken!

We've not seen anything like this since the run on toilet paper when the pandemic first started…

So what's the problem?

Is it Brexit? Coronavirus? Lockdowns? A zombie apocalypse?

The answer is - everything.

The last couple of years here in the UK have created the perfect storm for supply issues.

Brexit resulted in a mass exodus of workers with more than 1 million people, from fruit pickers to truck drivers, leaving the UK.

Some staff are still furloughed, some are sick and some are isolating thanks to the “ping demic” that has occurred as we've opened back up.

Add into this long queues at Dover, limited containers available for freight and delays at British customs and it's easy to see why we can't have our chicken and eat it too…

The government is being forced to think outside the box to try to solve the problems. Isolation rules have been relaxed, furlough is being phased out and the legal limit on the number of hours a truck driver can drive have been extended.

They've even considered putting prisoners to work in the supply chain too - although I'm not too sure how I'd feel having a convicted murderers pick and pack my strawberries…

Sounds like a nightmare right?

But actually, you'd barely know it was happening. Life continues as normal and aside from the odd, polite grumble or meme shared on Facebook, the British public are just getting on with it.

No milkshakes? We'll have a coke.

No chicken? What about a burger?

No loo roll… OK that's where we draw the line…

We've learnt to be flexible. To roll with the punches and take each day as it comes. It's been a good lesson to learn and one that will serve us in every area of our lives.

How much happier will we be if we just accept the things we cannot change and make the most of the situtation we're facing?

So how about you? What's been going on in your country? Any milkshake shortages or loo roll runs?