12 Jun 2024

Wesley Foster- Greater BYPY for Start-up and Enterprise 2023

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Here to talk us through winning the Start-up and Enterprise award for 2023 is Wesley Foster.


What is your name, and what is your role and your place of work?

Hi, I’m Wesley Foster, founder and director of Eleven Views, and the proud winner of the Greater BYPY 2023 for Start-up & Enterprise.


Were you nominated by someone else for an award, or did you nominate yourself, and why?

I nominated myself for the award because I was determined to showcase the hard work and dedication I've put into my business.


How did you find the application and interview process?

The application process was straightforward yet thought-provoking, requiring me to view my business from a fresh perspective. The interview was surprisingly relaxed and not intimidating at all.


How did it feel to win your award?

Winning the award felt incredible. Before the win, I often struggled with imposter syndrome, doubting whether I was truly on the right path. However, receiving this recognition affirmed that I am indeed doing the right thing. The award has opened numerous doors for me, allowing me to connect with other business owners confidently and even securing a position on the committee board for Future Faces.


What impact did winning your award have on your career?

Winning has had a significant impact on my career, boosting my confidence and expanding my professional network. I encourage all young professionals across the region to apply for the Greater Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards 2024. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition, open new doors and grow both personally and professionally.


Where can people get in touch with you if they want to have a chat about the application and interview process, winning an award etc.?

If you'd like to chat about the application process, the interview, or what it's like to win an award, feel free to get in touch with me. You can reach me at wesley@elevenviews.co.uk or via LinkedIn- Wesley Foster.

Applications are now open and will close on the 25th of July. I strongly encourage you to take the leap and apply!

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