04 Sep 2023

Why a dirty oven led to a person having their first hearing test in ten years


Whilst the blog title above might seem like a flight of fancy, it's actually the story of a brilliant “eureka” moment experienced by one of our clients, and we thought it was so valuable, that we would share with you. See what you think - it might even resonate with you�

Quick question.

“Have you ever really thought what will happen if you don't address your hearing health issues?”

One thing for sure is that they won't get better on their own. In fact, one of our clients likened their eventual hearing test to having their oven cleaned (don't panic, it's relevant!), and found it so powerful they have allowed us to share it, so here we go.

The dirty oven

Our client, who we shall call “J”, told us that they knew their oven was getting dirty but just carried on using it anyway - “getting away” with it.

As the weeks and months passed, the door got murkier and the racks got muckier, but it still seemed to function okay, so they continued with the “blind eye” approach and just muddled on.

When faced with the rank smell of burning every time they turned the oven on, however, the unavoidable truth dawned that the time for action was truly upon them, and the ostrich approach was no longer acceptable, as guests could not be subjected to either the smell or the smoke being emitted by the bunged-up beast.

By now though, they feared that anyone cleaning their oven would be appalled and horrified and make them feel ashamed for letting it get into such a condition or advise them it may be even beyond repair.

What actually happened though, was their son - seeing their parent distressed by the state of the oven - phoned a local cleaning service who turned up the very next day. When they looked at the oven they said “No problem at all, we'll have this sorted in a jiffy!”�and they did!

Three hours later, the oven was sparkling like a new domestic jewel, and phone calls were hastily being made to host dinner parties, bridge drives and hobby gatherings once again. Social acceptance and confidence was restored, the house was filled with laughter and chatter (not smells and smoke), and the social calendar blossomed.

Imagine how fascinating we found this, here at Steven Hale Hearing, as “J” told us how a similar journey with their hearing degenerating brought them to him.

Once again, seeing that their parent was struggling because of difficulty with their hearing, the son (who sounds amazing!) looked online for a local hearing test in Sutton Coldfield (Audiologists) and up popped Steven Hale Hearing.

A phone call was made and the very next day their parent was sitting comfortably in the hearing booth in the expert hands of Steven Hale gently pressing a buzzer when they heard a sound.

Shortly thereafter, they were looking at a computer screen showing - in very simple terms - that there was minimal hearing loss. However, when pictures flashed up with snaps from their ear canal, it became clear that the problem was actually ear wax.

Simple and painless to remove, the procedure was carried out with all haste, and J visibly relaxed, then smiled, as the stress of not being able to hear clearly was removed.

In summary

Now, when J is hosting, not only can they cook smashing food in a convivial kitchen, but, thanks to a simple hearing test held in the heart of Sutton Coldfield, they can actually hear what all their guests are telling them!

In fact, they have already booked in for their annual check-up next year - of course, we can't vouch for the state of their oven!