05 Jul 2024

Youth Social Action Ambassadors set to ignite activism and change at BMet


Forward-thinking BMet students will be key activists for change, following the college’s successful application for The Association of Colleges (AoC) Youth Social Action Ambassadors Programme.

In partnership with the Pears Foundation, the achievement means that BMet can support five to eight students to become Youth Social Action Ambassadors in 2024/2025, to deliver a social action project across the college.

The impactful initiative includes 25 ambassador colleges per year in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber, West Midlands and London regions.

Among other things, through the funding programme, BMet will be able to:

  • Raise awareness of Youth Social Action in Further Education.
  • Empower students to take action and address local issues.
  • Enable the ambassadors to create opportunities to undertake meaningful work experience around social action.
  • Engage with local employers for support and future sustainability.
  • Create a sustainable model for delivery of Youth Social Action in colleges.

BMet has been involved with an ever-increasing number of activities in relation to Youth Social Action. In particular, the college has three active Student Council’s across their sites who drive learner voice in relation to obtaining enrichment activities at college or within the local community, to make a positive difference.

Some examples of what our learners have supported with at BMet include:

• Pass the Baton (Anti-Racism Festival) – BMet alongside Birmingham Race Impact group and South and City College hosted a one-day festival organised by students as part of a work experience project.

• Student Commission on Racial Justice project – BMet has been part of the SCRJ project via Leader’s Unlocked for 4 years. The college has a Student Commissioner who has been part of the project, tackling racial injustice and advocating need to change.

• Learners have previously volunteered and supported with the Christmas Shoe Box appeal for those children who are in need across the world, by helping volunteer to wrap the gifts. A handful of learners volunteered for Project Gambia, where they had the opportunity to go into the schools in Gambia to meet some of the children and to provide them with gifts e.g. arts and crafts etc.

Katie Dyer, deputy head of Pastoral and Wellbeing at BMet, said: “We are delighted to be involved in such a progressive programme, that will be a driving force for students to effect real change in areas that matter to them.

“The programme is a great opportunity for students to be involved in work experience, leadership, volunteering and social inclusion activities, as well as charity or fundraising activities, either within the classroom or as a wider centralised enrichment activity.”

“We will ensure that we increase awareness of Youth Social Action, by having a regular agenda item at our Student Council meetings and regular communication to our student population via our internal student platforms.”

BMet has an overarching Enrichment Strategy 2023-2025 which encompasses seven pillars of enrichment, one of these pillars being Community, Engagement, Fundraising and Volunteering.

The funding will enable students to facilitate a project that they have a particular passion for within the local community. It will also equip the students to support their chosen project to its best potential and will equip them with the resources that they would require.

In addition, the funding will also enable BMet students to gain the skills and knowledge for their own personal development in areas such as confidence, entrepreneurial skills and resilience.

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