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Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce is an integral part of the local business community. We work with a diverse range of sectors and engage nearly 150 businesses. Our membership base is vibrant and dynamic.   

We’ve proudly supported over 300 businesses through the challenges of the last few years, and are thrilled to see exciting growth across our economic landscape. We also host an annual awards dinner, drawing in more than 200 attendees. This is a fantastic way to engage with other businesses and forge valuable connections.  

We’re here to connect, support and grow organisations across all sectors. Join us today to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. We can help support you and encourage you to flourish! 

Chris Brewerton

Head of Lichfield & Tamworth
Tel: 07753 453624


"I can attribute over two thirds of my work (67%) in the first half of 2023 to meetings, conversations or referrals from the GBCC.

"My membership has ultimately helped to raise my profile, generate new leads, and increase sales. I look forward to making even more use of my membership in the coming months and years."

Michael Wood - Managing Director

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