Going Green

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce shows how 40% of companies don’t know any details about the UK’s Net Zero target. The UK target of achieving Net Zero by 2050 is fast approaching, it is vital that businesses look to understand the impact of this legislation on their organisation and the importance of implementing environmental measures.

This event is dedicated to exploring the pivotal role of employee empowerment in combating climate change. This event will delve into the imperative for organizations to mobilize their workforce towards sustainable practices and environmental stewardship and will offer a comprehensive examination of internal practices adopted by various organizations, with a particular focus on the challenges encountered by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Through insightful discussions and real-world case studies, attendees will gain invaluable insights into fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within their own organizations.

Delegates should attend this event to:

  • Understand the significance of engaging employees in Net Zero initiatives and sustainability efforts.
  • Learn from the experiences of businesses that have successfully implemented eco-friendly measures, gaining a deeper understanding of the tangible impacts of such initiatives.
  • Acquire practical strategies and tools for cultivating a greener organizational culture, empowering employees to become active agents of change in the fight against climate change.

This event is part of the 2024/25 Sustainable Business Series campaign. The Sustainable Business Series is the Chamber's flagship campaign on environmental sustainability, supporting businesses in their transition to Net Zero, through the sharing of best practice, guidance and insight on a range of issues associated with achieving Net Zero. 


Anna  Bright

Anna Bright

Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability West Midlands

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Angela  Burns

Angela Burns

Group Chief Executive , Webb Hotel Group

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Beate Pesian

Beate Pesian

Co-founding Director , Worksmiths

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8:30 – 9:00: Networking and Breakfast

9:00 – 9:05: Welcome and introductions, Raj Kandola, Director of External Affairs

9:05 – 9:35 Speaker presentations (each speaker will have 10 minutes to present):

▪ Anna Bright, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability West Midlands

▪ Angela Burns, Chief Executive, Webb Hotel Group

▪ Beate Pesian, Director, Worksmiths HR

9:35 – 9:50: Q&A, facilitated by Raj Kandola (Audience questions will be prioritised

Anna Bright

• How should regional authorities, such as local councils and the West Midlands Combined Authority, support businesses in the transition to net zero?

• What role can larger organisations in the West Midlands play in achieving regional net zero targets?

Angela Burns

• Have you encountered any challenges in implementing sustainable measures? If so, how did you address them?

• How have customers reacted to the measures you've implemented and the achievements you've made?

Beate Pesian

• How important is it to promote the development of green skills, and how can organisations support this effort?

• What emerging trends are you seeing in the sustainability job market, and how can employers attract and retain staff with these skills?

9:50 – 9:55: Net Zero and Sustainability Insights Report, Kuran Singh, Policy Advisor

9:55 – 10:00: Thanks and close, Raj Kandola, Director of External Affair


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