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Is social care in crisis?

By Paula Cashmore | Solihull Care

Social care in crisis. That’s what the headlines are telling us. That’s what the press want us to believe. Who better to get the full story from than your local social care member? We are a not for profit, soon to be full charity organisation that has been operating in Solihull for well over 30 years. In fact, we have members of staff who have been with us  since the beginning. I hope to blog about that in October when we will celebrate 300 years of service – don’t miss that one! However, back to the present; in some ways the headlines don’t lie – but they do often highlight the worst. Here at Solihull Care we have two arms of our social care business, our Nursing Home at Swallows Meadow,...

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Tips for having difficult conversations

By Rebekah Litherland | The Leadership Coaches

In the workplace, there are often times when we are required to have difficult conversations with our teams, people, employers, leaders, and even stakeholders.   These conversations could surround lay-offs, feedback, conflict resolution, and performance. But they can also include more personal conversations, such as those that address health issues, such as menopause, mental health, well-being, challenges women face in the workplace, and diversity and inclusion.  Although these conversations are essential for many reasons, research shows that approximately 57 per cent of leaders prefer to avoid conversations that could result in conflict. But why?  As leaders, we want to ensure that our people...

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Swapping tax for tans: Digital nomad visas

By Michael Bell | Claritas Tax

The pandemic may be over but its effects can still be felt in many parts of our lives, nowhere more so than in the rise of remote working. While many employees have adopted remote or hybrid working practices to avoid the commute or to move out of the city, a small but growing number are looking even further afield. Whether it be for a more affordable cost of living, the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures, or simply for better weather, working remotely from another country is much more feasible than it was even a few years ago. Previously, such ambitions would be hindered somewhat by the fact that working on a tourist visa is illegal in most countries. Tourist visas also tend...

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Does your network promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

By Yung Lau | Jacobs

Future Faces this month is promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and I find the topic so fascinating, writes Yung Lau.. It’s multifaceted, as it is embodying values to ensure individuals and organisations are creating environments where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected. When was the last time you considered the diversity and inclusivity of your network? I remember challenging someone who told me they were proud of their diverse network. Although their network had good racial and gender diversity, it was lacking representation from a wide range of people from the industrial sector and people from LGBTQ+ or with disability. They got a little defensive although they...

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The incredible power of art

By Owen de Visser | Lux Gallery and Photography Studio

Over decades of studies, experiencing art in-person has been associated with measurable positive outcomes in wellbeing and mental health. Enjoying, viewing and experiencing art offers a widely-accessible, cost-effective, and non-pharmaceutical means of regulating factors such as mood or anxiety. These benefits can be felt in the home and workplace through the ownership of art. “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.”  – Stella Adler Reducing anxiety and stress A research study in Norway examined how art benefits a person’s health. It found that viewing art resulted in reduced rates of anxiety and depression, and higher satisfaction with one’s life. The...

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Reasons to hire a commercial cleaning service

By Richard Evans | Tame Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and healthy workspace is essential for any business, whether it's a small startup or a large corporation. A clean workspace not only helps prevent the spread of germs and viruses but also creates a positive and professional image of the business. In this blog post, we'll discuss the reasons why hiring a commercial cleaning service is crucial for businesses in 2023.   Professional expertise Commercial cleaning companies employ professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to clean and sanitise commercial spaces efficiently. They are equipped with the latest equipment and cleaning products required to provide thorough cleaning services. Additionally, they follow...

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Protecting the Consumer: The CMA Investigates Unregulated Will Writing

By Eleanor Holland | The Wilkes Partnership

Having detected an increase in complaints in relation to Will-writing, pre-paid probate plans and online divorce, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced on 24 July 2023 that they have initiated an investigation into potential consumer law breaches in the unregulated sector. Will-Writing Anyone can write a legal Will so when it comes to preparing your own Will, customers now have many options to choose from. Whilst many Wills are drafted by regulated lawyers, Will-writing is not a regulated service which means that a Will does not have to be prepared by a solicitor. Alternative providers can be attractive as a cheaper, innovative and convenient service. However, where services...

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Consumer Duty – a new beginning for financial firms

By Shaun Cremins | insight6

Enhancing Service and Commercial Benefits for UK Financial Firms The financial landscape in the United Kingdom is undergoing a transformative shift with the introduction of the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) Consumer Duty regulations. This new framework seeks to redefine the relationship between financial firms and their clients by setting higher standards for customer care and ensuring a greater level of service consistency. Consumer Duty presents an opportunity for financial institutions to embrace a fresh perspective on customer service, ultimately leading to enhanced client satisfaction, strengthened customer loyalty, and even commercial benefits for the firms themselves.   Elevating...

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Unlocking succession planning: Building a stellar future for your business

By Rob Page | Rob Page Consulting

As someone who is passionate about nurturing strong leadership pipelines, I would like to share an extensive guide on this vital topic. So, settle into a comfortable spot, and let's explore the key ingredients for crafting a robust and foolproof succession plan.   Picture the future: A seamless leadership transition To build a successful succession plan, begin by envisioning the future of your organisation and the leaders who will steer it towards success. Conduct a thorough talent assessment to identify potential leaders who possess the necessary skills, experiences, and cultural fit. Look beyond the C-suite and examine high-potential employees across different levels and departments. A...

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What are the biggest security risks associated with AI?

By Air IT | Air IT

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly popular tool in the world of cyber crime. Cyber criminals can use the powerful capabilities of these technologies to exploit critical business and financial data. In this article, we explore the security risks that are associated with AI and how to combat them. AI is on the rise and becoming increasingly popular across a range of industries. AI-powered feature Microsoft Copilot is due to be released later this year. We expect AI to revolutionise the way we live, work, and interact with technology. AI can be an incredibly useful tool when used appropriately but falling into the wrong hands could pose some serious security...

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