Referral Scheme

A shared interest in business growth and collaboration

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to unleashing the potential of local businesses and connecting businesses to opportunities to grow. If you know a business that would benefit from:

  • Growing their network and profile
  • Learning about the latest developments, trends and best practice
  • Building knowledge and networks for trading internationally
  • Being heard and part of a community championing local businesses
  • Access to significant discounts on essential business services

Then complete our referral form and we will contact them directly.

And best of all, if they decide to join as a member, then we will offer you Chamber credit towards advertising or shopping vouchers.

Option One: Refer a member and earn Chamber advertising credit

That's right, a great opportunity to get your brand out there with free credit. See below for more information.

Refer a Future Faces or Start-up Membership = £25 credit

Refer a Standard Membership = £50 credit

Refer a Premier Membership = £100 credit

Refer a 1813 Membership = £250 credit

Refer a Local Patronage (division) = £300 credit

Refer a Birmingham Patronage = £350 credit

Option Two: Refer a member and earn shopping vouchers to spend with hundreds of high street brands!

Refer a Future Faces or Start-up Membership = £25 voucher

Refer a Standard Membership = £50 voucher

Refer a Premier Membership = £100 voucher

Refer a 1813 Membership = £250 voucher

Refer a Local Patronage (division) = £300 voucher

Refer a Birmingham Patronage = £350 voucher

So what are you waiting for? - Help us support more businesses today and shape a better future for Greater Birmingham!


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