Growth Through People 2019

Growth Through People 2019:

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In 2019, the Growth Through People campaign ran from 25th February – 22nd March 2019. Each of the four weeks had a different theme:

  • Growth Through Responsible Leadership – 25th February – 1st March
  • Growth Through Attracting & Developing Talent – 4th March - 8th March
  • Growth Through Unlocking Potential – 11th March – 15th March
  • Growth Through Workplace Resilience – 18th March – 22nd March

The Growth Through People campaign first took place from February to March 2017. It included: 11 Events in collaboration with 15 Partner Organisations, for almost 400 Delegates, alongside 14 thought leadership blog posts.

The 2018 campaign was bigger and better, with 17 Events in collaboration with 50 Partner Organisations for almost 450 delegates, alongside thought leadership blog posts, 3 podcasts, numerous social media videos and the publication of the Chambers’ first original research paper on businesses views on the leadership and management and its impact on productivity.

In 2019 the campaign grew again, with 500 delegates attending 16 campaign events, led by over 50 partner organisations, alongside a 5-episode Chamber Podcast mini-series, 16 thought-leadership blog posts, 17 social media videos and a feature on the front cover of Chamberlink Magazine.

Our Research

The Chamber conducted original research into views on leadership and people management skills in Greater Birmingham organisations during the 2019 Growth Through People campaign. An analysis of the findings of this research can be found in the following series of blog posts:

  • Almost Every Business Faces Leadership and People Management Challenges (find out more)
  • The Skills Landscape is too Confusing (find out more)
  • The Uncertain World Order is Making Leadership and People Management More Important Than Ever (find out more)
  • Use Free Support to Build a Plan (find out more)
  • Don’t Be a D**khead (find out more)
  • Business Size Doesn’t Matter - Leadership and People Management Skills can Benefit Organisations of all Sizes (find out more)

Podcasts & Videos

Leading Through Uncertainty

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Responsible Leadership

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Diversity & Inclusion

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Unlocking Potential

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Workplace Resilience

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Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor

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