10 Jul 2024

Alexander Vickers- Greater BYPY for Engineering and Manufacturing 2023

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What is your name, and what is your role and your place of work?

My name is Alex Vickers, and I am a senior drainage engineer at Jacobs.


Were you nominated by someone else for an award, or did you nominate yourself, and why?

I was nudged in the direction of nominating myself by a friend and colleague of mine who was a member of Future Faces. I wouldn’t normally nominate myself for an award, but I am so glad that I was convinced to give it my best shot. I did not realise that the “normal” things that I do every day at Jacobs were so special. It really helped me realise the positive impact that my work has, and it was a real mood booster when I took the time to write down the things that I had achieved and worked on.


How did you find the application and interview process?

I found the whole process to be very exciting. I found it hard to write about myself in the application at first, but with some guidance from a friend, I was able to construct something I was proud of. I generally like interviews because I love meeting new and interesting people and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the interview panel. They were experts in their respective fields which should feel intimidating, but they are amazing people who were easy to talk to and any nerves I had disappeared within minutes.


How did it feel to win your award?

I felt ecstatic! I had never been to an awards ceremony before, so I was unsure what to expect. I was having a fantastic time with some colleagues and some new friends that I had made throughout the evening and then suddenly, my name was called out as a winner! It was a new and euphoric feeling to be able to accept my award in front of so many talented people in the building – a real pinch yourself moment!


What impact did winning your award have on your career?

There was a real rush of positivity within my work environment and in my network. Suddenly, my photo with my award started appearing in company newsletters, and I was getting special mentions in presentations with Clients. The reaction from my team members and colleagues was energising. Everyone was genuinely so pleased for me, and it’s been really special having people from all parts of the business and my professional life all congratulating me. I have made lots of new connections too including other winners, and Future Faces members who I have really enjoyed speaking to and learning about.


What advice would you give to those applying for the Greater Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards 2024?

There are a lot of amazing people who live and work in Birmingham, and you are one of them. We all do such a great job to make the city a better place and the things you may find ordinary are actually quite extraordinary to others! Indulge in the positivity of the process and take the time to learn about yourself as well as others.


Where can people get in touch with you if they want to have a chat about the application and interview process, winning an award etc.?

I reserve my work email for work hours only so the best way to get in touch with me is via LinkedIn. Connect with me or just drop me a message and I would love to have a chat about the award and help as much as I can to share the experience with others 😊

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