21 May 2024

Charity appeals for vital support towards bereaved families navigating baby loss

Clare Haycock, Workplace Bereavement Support Services Officer at Sands .jpeg

This spring, the UK’s leading baby charity Sands is appealing for vital support to drive their commitment to provide stronger mental health outcomes for families navigating pregnancy and baby loss.

Thanks to the Big Give's Kind2Mind Campaign, the first £10,000 raised through Big Give between May 14 to May 28 will be matched.

At least 50 per cent of UK adults are impacted by pregnancy and baby loss. Yet it can be an isolating and lonely experience.

The charity operates a bereavement helpline to local support groups.

Last year alone Sands saw a 44 per cent increase in calls to their helpline, providing a lifeline for many families in crisis and 779,304 people accessed their pregnancy and baby loss support and safer pregnancy advice. 

Responding to an increase in demand in their support services, the Big Give Campaign will kick start Sands’ aims to extend a lifeline for more bereaved families across the UK.

Clare Haycock (pictured), workplace bereavement support services officer at Sands said: “Alongside an increase in demand on Sands’ bereavement support services we are seeing a rise in more complex support needs for those in crisis.

“Pressures on mental health support services in the UK mean it’s crucial we step up the support that we are offering to bereaved families to bridge this gap.

“Anyone who has or knows someone who has accessed Sands’ support in the past will understand how important it is to mental health.  

“Amongst our plans we aim to develop new counselling service, offering personalised, long-term support to families in desperate need”.

Sands also aim to build on their successful community peer led support through expanding wellbeing activities through sport and the arts.

Click here to find out more about doubling the impact of support through The BigGive Kind2Mind campaign .

Alternatively, get in touch with the partnerships team at  corporate.partnerships@sands.org.uk

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