25 May 2022

Don't fall back into the small business rat race


What intentions did you set for you and your small business that you promised to stick to post-pandemic?

Perhaps you wanted to walk more, attend less meetings, be more mindful or quite simply (but massively impactful) do the work you love working with those who you can really make a difference with. So, the question is, are you still on your intended path or wondering how you've fallen back into old patterns?

While the pandemic was a challenging time for all of us it was also able to provide glimmers of positive aspects. The biggest: A whole heap of perspective.

Perspective, as to what was really important. Whether that was family, close friend network, home through to staying connected with those who helped keep you feeling positive in business.

While Covid (in the UK) has become less of our daily life, there are certainly other world problems that will feel derailing, and you may be desperately seeking ways to maintain your newfound perspective to continue run through your small business purpose.

Happiness, Courage, Integrity.

The three biggest motives Martha Beck, life coach to Oprah Winfrey sites as individuals seeking her help for. And it's the search for these that leads us all to living and breathing a ‘successful' life.

So how can we use these attributes to keep focused on what's really important?


What brings daily joy in your business? Make a list and make them a priority.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer.


What does courage look like? I share with my children it's about being scared of the doing but doing it anyway. What's important to you in your business? Is it working with those who you are really excited to work with, where you can make a difference, or do you work from fear? Fear of not being able to pay the bills so you say yes to the projects, the clients, the contracts that you know are not aligned with what's really important to you, your purpose?

Have the courage to say NO. The wrong project, client, contract will do more damage than good and definitely does not leave you with the space for what you really want.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Working with courage and happiness means that integrity inevitably is part and parcel.

According to Diligent who empower leaders to drive greater impact:

“Integrity in business enhances your reputation â€&rdquol which can help attract and retain customers, engender employee loyalty and become a more attractive investment proposition. Business integrity is strongly correlated with financial performance.”

Being more integrous in your small business could look like saying no to the contract that doesn't fit with your purpose, sticking to your pricing structure as you value your worth through to sharing an even bigger offering that will solve all your client's needs.

What lessons learned during the pandemic are you continuing forward with in your business?

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