07 Feb 2023

Get out of Decision Paralysis


Decision paralysis is the lack of ability to decide, out of fear of making the wrong choice. It may feel like a quirk of personality if indecision only occurs in restaurants over menu choices or deliberations over what film to go and see at the cinema. But in small business, indecisiveness has major repercussions - if you have seen the film ‘Sliding Doors' you'll understand the impact of roads not taken…

Perhaps you struggle over what to post on LinkedIn for hours at a time, (and then don't post at all) or maybe you see a course you and your business would benefit from (but don't book on to it) through to taking that all important step to working with a coach, someone who you know will help you and your business get to where you want it to (and then not taking it). Or that award you'd love to win, (but never put yourself forward for).

All this hesitancy and wavering means you remain stuck. Stuck in the same place you were this time last year and the year before that. Hoping that something outside of you and your control will change. Guess what? It won't.

“In order to change anything, you have to change something.”- Jim Rohn

First Step to Getting out of Decision Paralysis

Do you want something to change? Really change? If the answer is a resounding yes, you are halfway there. Congratulations! Having the desire gives you conviction for the next step…

What are your motivating factors for change?

What are the results and outcomes that change will give you?

Is this outcome BIG and COMPELLING enough?

For example, if you are seeking business growth, but if by growing that means working longer hours and having more staff to manage then that's probably not a great motivator for change. It's a demotivator. Whereas, if you had the right processes set up and working, and had the right hired help - the extra cash pot as a result of your business growth would give you a huge amount of options. Extra holidays, more time to spend with your children, increased flexibility and so on.

Make decisions from the right place

If you make decisions from your desired perspective, coupled with a greater focus on the positive and highly motivating factors that change will give and enable you to do more of (or less of!) the only real next step to take is to LEAP…You are ready.

Feeling stuck or not sure what steps to take? Book in for our complimentary Kickstart Session - a one hour call to give you clarity, focus and guidance on your best next steps in business.