15 May 2024

Interior design firm appoint new head of workplace experience

Howard Barnes.jpg

Design firm Rhino Interiors Group has appointed Howard Barnes (pictured) as its new head of workplace experience.

The appointment is part of Rhino’s commitment to delivering unparalleled workplace solutions, elevating the space and experience for its clients.

Howard brings five decades of industry experience, during which the world of the workplace has been remapped. However, the one constant is people. And that’s what Howard excels in.

Workplace consultancy is a service that has become increasingly vital in navigating the complexities of modern workspace design.

Through Rhino's offering of Workplace Consultancy, Howard leverages tools such as Rhino’s People & Place Study to provide invaluable clarity and insight at every stage of a project.

By basing decisions on data rather than assumptions, clients gain peace of mind knowing that their workplace design is aligned with their organisational needs and goals.

Howard Barnes said: “A People & Place Study provides clarity and insight in the early stages of any complex project, and forms a key part of the wider Workplace Consultancy.

"The clarity and insight given by this study are important, however the secondary (and possibly greater) benefit is the peace of mind these insights provide.

“Decisions are made based on data rather than assumptions.

“Understanding the unique DNA of an organisation is paramount to achieving successful workplace outcomes, and Rhino's Workplace Consultancy services offer just that.”

Building on this foundation of expertise, Rhino Interiors Group has also launched the Knowledge + Insights Collective: a new series of roundtable discussions led by Howard.

These sessions are designed to explore the evolution of workplace environments through shared experiences and insights by encouraging collaborative dialogue among professionals from a diverse range of sectors.

Participants not only gain from the shared knowledge but also can influence the discussion and bring new issues to the table.

Whether it’s navigating the complexities of a multi-generational workforce or discussing the future of office spaces post-pandemic, every session is a chance to connect with peers and experts, deepening your understanding and expanding your professional network.

Whether you're an industry expert or a rising star eager to contribute your unique perspective, we welcome you to be part of this transformative dialogue.

For more information about upcoming Knowledge + Insights Collective events or to express your interest in participating, please email howard.barnes@rhinooffice.co.uk

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