21 Nov 2023

LISTEN: Winning the GBYPY awards 2023

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In episode 22 of Future Faces: The Young Professionals Podcast, we hear from Zaylie-Dawn Wilson, head of Creative Partnerships at Birmingham Hippodrome and overall winner of the Greater Birmingham Young Professional of the Year awards 2023.

Future Faces manager Sophie Poduval-Morrell talks to Zaylie about her career journey into the Creative Arts sector, through to winning the Greater Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2023. Zaylie talks about her awards journey, from the application process to her judges interview, as well as what it has been like for her since she won her award.

Zaylie also offers a personal insight into being a working mother, how she has juggled having a young baby, spearheading the Creative Partnerships department at Birmingham Hippodrome, and applying for the awards.


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