23 Feb 2021

Marketing on a budget


In tough times such as these, we start to consider costs and we should! But one of the first costs small business owners decide to reduce is the marketing budget (second is training). This is ALWAYS a costly mistake… and here's why.

When the chips are down that is the time, more than ever, to ramp up your activity! Show your clients / customers that you have confidence in your business and what you offer adds value to them. Don't bury your head in the sand or burrow down, upping your marketing budget is a healthier approach and it will soon pay for itself. It'll set you apart from your competitors and show the world that you still mean business. In contrast, the burying-the-head approach to marketing will leave you feeling de-motivated, uninspired, focused on delivery and invisible..

And, whilst it's good for business to have a focus on delivery, this as your business' sole purpose will mean your cash reserves and new opportunities will soon run dry.

Cost-effective Marketing Ideas

The most important aspect of continuing to market during lockdown is to maintain a healthy mindset for those involved in the business. It sends the right message to the team - ‘We are committed to growing the business' and keeps a clear focus for all involved to continue to develop new business. Here are some innovative and inspired ideas to help keep your business marketing and growing:

#1 - Look under your nose.

Check out those who are right under your business' nose. Tim Templeton wrote about the networking system that produces bottom line results in his book, The Referral of a Lifetime;

“Keep in touch, consistently, personally, and systematically.”

Start with your list of people who already know, like and trust you and work out your approach - is it a letter, an email? This is a trusted campaign that is cost-effective to run and will reap your business results time and time again. Check out Meat4 #SeedTheGrowth social posts for our latest ‘Referral Marketing' campaign.

#2 - Social Media, believe the hype

Social Media can be a complete time drain if you have no clear content strategy or plan as to what you want to achieve. Start with a simple strategy of using the platform that is most suited to your business - where the majority of your audience is already hanging out. Re-connect with existing or previous connections - arrange a coffee, catch up…

You'll be surprised at how pleased people feel that you're thinking of them.

#3 - Networking goes on…

Many networking meetings right now are free due to them being online. Reach out for some recommendations, which ones are doing well, which ones have like-minded people attending and business being passed. Listen in to some of our ‘Networking No-No's' in the podcast ‘Funny Thing Called Business'. One of the best story's was of a man attending a women's networking event from underneath his duvet!

If you take one thing from this blog it's don't stop marketing, don't become invisible! If you want some help getting motivated, jump on one of my FREE Kickstart sessions.

Clare Whalley
Meta4 Business Coaching