02 May 2024

Mental wellness expert announced as finalist for Woman Who Awards 2024


Asha Berzon, an award-winning Workplace Mental Wellness Consultant, has been announced as a Woman Who Awards 2024 finalist.

Asha (pictured) has worked with businesses across the UK and the globe improving staff well-being. Following her own experiences of burnout, Asha left her 17-year career to retrain as a therapist. As an expert by experience and qualification, Asha has created workshops and CPD-accredited training courses to help staff recognise the early signs of chronic stress and anxiety and strategies to increase resilience. Asha has made a difference to micro businesses and big employers such as West Midlands Police. 

Moving away from reactive support and silo online training, Asha encourages businesses to create space for staff to engage in (prevention) well-being initiatives helping to increase staff engagement, productivity, and inclusivity while reducing the stigma around mental health and help businesses retain a happy workforce.

Asha said: "As a micro business, it is a pleasure to be recognised for the difference I made to business and individuals. I look forward to connecting with other strong and determined women on the day of the awards".

The Woman Who Awards winners will be announced on Friday, 10 May.  

Asha has also revealed that a new technique for well-being that is on the rise- Breathwork. It's free, can be practised anywhere, no one would know, and it is an evidence-based and research-led practice. 

Some may think it seems strange to learn how to do something that we all do naturally. Unfortunately, for people, breathing has become dysfunctional. Lifestyles have evolved and we are constantly switched on (navigating priorities) and logged in (technology means we are constantly receiving information).

Over time, the body adapts to shallow, hard and fast breathing which can have an impact on physical and mental health, as well as affecting cognitive function. People are more likely to experience poor memory recall, inability to focus and concentration. For a business this can add up. 

Asha is a qualified Oxygen Advantage trainer and is now offering a Breathwork Workshop to businesses. 

Oxygen Advantage is led by the renowned Patrick McKeown. Over four weeks, during one-hour sessions, staff will learn techniques to improve functional breathing, reduce stress, improve sleeping and concentration. 

Delegates have already reported experiencing mental clarity and agility, improved physical health and sleep. If you are looking for a group event for an upcoming away day or to mark stress awareness week, please email Asha@mindability-hypnotherapy.co.uk.

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