08 Feb 2024

Recruiting? Don’t rush it!


Written by Recruit123

Recruiting the right candidate for a job is a critical process that requires careful planning and execution. From the moment a job opening arises to the day the selected candidate starts in their new role, there is a well-defined timetable that guides the recruitment journey.

Understanding the various stages and timelines involved can help employers streamline the hiring process and ensure a smooth transition for the new employee. In this blog, we will explore the typical timetable of recruiting, from the need to advertise a job to the person starting in their new role.

Recruiting a new candidate should be treated like a project, and as with all projects, start with the end date in mind and work back.


Step 1 - Identifying the need and planning (1-2 weeks)

The recruiting process begins with identifying the need for a new position within the organisation.

This involves assessing workload, reviewing organisational goals, and determining the specific skills and qualifications required.

Once the need is established, HR and hiring managers collaborate to create a comprehensive job description – with the help of Recruit123, including responsibilities, qualifications, and desired experience.


Step 2 - Advertising the Job (2-4 weeks)

After finalising the job description, the next step is to advertise the position. This can be done through various channels, such as job boards, company websites, social media, and professional networks – or give Recruit123 a call and we can do all the hard work for you!

The duration of job advertising typically ranges from two to four weeks, allowing sufficient time for interested candidates to apply.


Step 3 - Application review and screening (1-2 weeks)

Once the application period ends, the HR team begins the process of reviewing and screening applications.

This involves assessing resumes, cover letters, and any additional documents required. During this stage, candidates who do not meet the minimum qualifications or fail to provide necessary information may be eliminated from consideration.

For smaller businesses, this can be a time-consuming endeavour which is why the team at Recruit123 are more than happy to undertake this process on our clients’ behalf.


Step 4 - Interviews and selection (2-4 weeks)

The interview stage is where candidates are evaluated more thoroughly.

It typically includes multiple rounds, starting with initial phone or video interviews, followed by in-person or virtual meetings with key stakeholders.

The duration of this stage can vary depending on the number of candidates, availability of interviewers, and the complexity of the selection process. After the final round of interviews, a decision is made, and the selected candidate is extended a job offer.


Step 5 - Pre-employment processes (1-3 weeks)

Once a candidate accepts the job offer, several pre-employment processes take place.

This may involve conducting background checks, verifying references, and negotiating employment terms, including salary, benefits, and start date.

Additionally, necessary paperwork, such as employment contracts and confidentiality agreements, may need to be finalised.


Step 6 - Onboarding and orientation (1-2 weeks)

As the start date approaches, the new employee goes through the onboarding and orientation process.

This stage includes providing them with the necessary information about company policies, procedures, and culture. It may also involve introducing them to their team members, assigning a mentor, and setting up any required training or equipment.


Step 7 - Starting in the new role

Finally, the selected candidate begins their new role, equipped with the knowledge and support needed to thrive. The onboarding process continues as they gradually integrate into their team, take on their responsibilities, and contribute to the organisation's success. 

In conclusion, recruiting is a comprehensive process that involves multiple stages and timelines.

From identifying the need for a new position to the person starting in their new role, each step plays a crucial role in finding the right candidate. By understanding the typical timetable of recruiting, employers can efficiently navigate the hiring process, ensure a smooth transition for new employees, and set the stage for a successful professional journey together.

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