10 Jul 2024

The six pillars of personal leadership: Persistence

It’s been a long journey since our personal leader-ship set sail, but we’ve finally made it to our sixth and final pillar. However, if you thought that by reaching our destination we’d be able to throw down the anchor and bask in the sunlight of our success, think again, because we’re talking persistence



Okay, so that might have been a little dramatic. The horizon isn’t a mirage and the goal posts haven’t moved, but persistence, by definition, is something that is continuous.


Why is persistence important in leadership?

Continuing with our leader-ship metaphor, simply put, our ship will not reach its destination if it stops. Stormy seas and high winds will come, but these obstacles will not be overcome by giving up. So persistence in leadership is essential because, if we persist, more-often-than-not, we will achieve.


Persistence comes from the top

Leading by an example of persistence sets the tone for how teams respond to adversity, and can inspire them to keep moving in the face of challenges. Leaders that embody persistence promote an environment of determination and strength; a space where even the biggest of setbacks can be reframed as potential for growth and change. You must learn to become a “master of the spin”, accepting the crisis and spinning it into opportunity.


Persistence = consistency

In a world of performative perfection, there’s something to be said for consistency. Being consistent doesn’t mean that we have to be working at one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the time; that would be unrealistic. And tangible, attainable, realistic goals are key if we actually plan on achieving what we set out to. What being consistent really means is showing up and doing the thing, in spite of your imperfections. A lack of energy/motivation/inspiration/desired circumstances are just excuses. Do what you can with what you have. But do it consistently.

Being a consistent leader is someone that can be relied upon and, as is the nature of the role, will likely create a culture of likeminded thinkers. So, when a leader demonstrates an unwavering passion for the work, their team will likely follow suit.


Persistence. Not resistance

Persistence isn’t about being stubborn. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. Having a laser-like focus on a goal is one thing, but being immovable in how to achieve it could lead to dire results. Knowing when to stand firm, when to be flexible, and where best to put one’s energy, are all key traits in an effective leader.



If you’re in it for the long-haul, it’s important to have perspective. Big, endgame goals require patience, and not being distracted by easy wins or the temptation of “instant grats” takes discipline. This means that persistent leaders might often make decisions that, at first, appear to be counter-intuitive, but are ultimately beneficial in the long run. In the highly competitive, fast-paced world of business, taking a step back to see the bigger picture will always win out.


Persistence is continuous… Persistence is continuous… Persistence is — you get the idea

Okay, so let’s say you did it. You navigated the icebergs and reached the harbour of your leader-ship journey. What next? After the sunlight basking, I mean. Do you plateau and leisurely maintain the same level of success that took you, at the very least, reading six blog posts to achieve? Doubtful. Because where’s the passion? The drive? The inspiration?

Businesses that reach a singular apex of success, but never set out to achieve anything beyond that, will ultimately become a series of diminishing returns. However, the ones that are persistent in setting new, realistic goals, can reach heights that even they, themselves, had never imagined.

Standing on the finish line is a great feeling, but after the glow has subsided it’s surprising how normal it can feel. So remember the person you were before, and how unbelievable it would be to them to see you standing where you are now, and at the same time, don’t forget to keep your dreams just out of reach. It’s where they’re meant to be.

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