The Sustainable Business Series

What is the Sustainable Business Series (SBS)?

The aim of the campaign is to inform businesses about sustainability and net-zero targets, as well as encouraging them to take action through the sharing of member knowledge, best practice and guidance.

The Series began in September 2021, with four themed weeks focusing on energy, transport, the circular economy, and sustainable business management. The Series ended with the Sustainable Business Summit, to which members were invited to hear from experts on key issues and engage with other like-minded businesses.

Why is the SBS important?

Sustainability is becoming more important for businesses across the world as expectations on corporate responsibility increase and transparency becomes more prevalent. For businesses, sustainability means creating long-term value by considering how a given organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environment, with the idea that doing so creates longevity.

The Sustainable Business Series seeks to help local firms understand the role that they play in progressing to net zero, as well as the opportunities and challenges that may arise from the net-zero transition. Through an expansive range of blogs, videos, webinars and podcasts, the Sustainable Business Series offers useful information to businesses interested in adopting a sustainable business approach.

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