10 Jul 2024

Accounting software experts support school garden project


Tamworth-based Cloud Accounting Support Services (CASS) has supported Two Rivers Primary School through a series of impactful initiatives aimed at enriching the school’s garden.

CASS began their efforts with a generous donation of £500 to support the school’s needs.

Additionally, during their seventh birthday celebration, they organised a raffle which raised more than £100 to enhance the school garden.

The funds raised from the raffle enabled CASS to purchase several important items for the school’s garden, including compost, plants, ornaments, a wind chime and fountain.

CASS team members also volunteered their time to help with tidying, painting and planting, ensuring the garden was ready for the students’ return.

Laura Slinn, head teacher at Two Rivers Primary School, said: “We are immensely grateful to CASS for their generous support and hands-on involvement in our school garden project.

“The transformation has been incredible, and our students now have a beautiful, engaging space to enjoy. The entire school community deeply appreciates their efforts.”

Paul Barnes, managing director of CASS, said: “CASS are committed to making a positive impact in our community, and supporting Two Rivers Primary School’s garden project has been a truly rewarding experience.

“We look forward to many more opportunities to give back and make a difference.”

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