10 Jul 2024

Mental health charity hosts mindfulness workshop

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Birmingham Mind have announced they will be hosting their next Clay Making Mindfulness Workshop on Wednesday, 17 July at the Distillery in Birmingham.

The creative networking and mindfulness event was first launched in 2023 and was successful in bringing people from different businesses together to talk about mental health whilst enjoying a fun workshop exploring the world of clay.

The session has been organised by Future Faces member Kerrie Henry-Edge from Birmingham Mind, and led by the artist Rachel Akers who is passionate about mental health. She said: “Stress and depression are a number one factor in staff going off on long term sick leave. Mental health is a huge factor in how productive your staff can be.

Art can be a powerful tool for improving mental health in various ways, offering benefits that range from emotional expression and stress reduction to self-discovery and social connection. This is one of the main reasons I support Birmingham Mind. Bringing art to the forefront of mental health and wellbeing.”

Kerrie Henry-Edge from Birmingham Mind said: “This is a really creative way for us to talk about mental health whilst raising vital funds for our services in the city. The Distillery is a beautiful location to host the event, and we’re looking forward to being involved again!”

As part of the session you will be taught, step by step how to make a clay lantern. Your ticket price will include a welcome drink, pizza slice, one hour clay making session plus a £5 donation to Birmingham Mind. The next event takes place on Wednesday 17 July from 11:45am-1pm, at The Distillery.

For full information and tickets, please visit HERE or contact fundraising@birminghammind.org.

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